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We are a multi focused consulting firm providing Recruitments, Immigration, Training & Payroll solutions to our domestic & international clients, working since 2004 and committed to highest standards of professionalism.
To provide professional guidance, knowledge, skills and strategies tailored to our valued clients.
Core Values
We accomplish our mission through:
Collaboration - cultivating and sustaining relationships to maximize resources.
Communication - reaching common understanding with our clients and coworkers.
Continuous Improvement - embracing change to enhance personal productivity.
Innovation - developing and providing creative solutions.
Quality - meeting and exceeding our clients’ expectations.
Integrity - we can be trusted.
The philosophy of the Locomo India team is quite simple-we are only successful when our clients are successful. Our focus is always on you, the customer.
Why Us?
Here are some of the reasons why you’ll enjoy working with Locomo India, and why we get better results:
Our efficient team of recruiters consists of people having an excellent knowledge of the prevailing and upcoming trends in the industry and the requirements of diverse sectors. They have well-maintained associations with key people from different academic institutions, private groups and companies that helps them to understand the demand/supply cycle of this industry with precision.
Following are the factors that separate us from others:
We don’t supply resumes - We supply “Top Talent”
We don’t try to make you fit a standard ‘textbook’ model. You’re unique, and so are our solutions.
We don’t just find out "what", but also "why".
You’ll work with a small, dedicated team who are easy-going, personable and provide continuity of contact.
Thorough and geographically wide scoped search criteria, nationwide network of professional contacts and clients.
The best candidate, in the best time frame, for the best price.
Cost effective flexible recruitment solutions - No hire? No charge.
Wherever you do business, we are there to help.
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