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Agriculture jobs in India or abroad are really sought after as these are one of the never ending jobs. This is because; agriculture is an indispensable part of our society. In order to survive, human beings need food and that comes from agriculture. Earlier agriculture was just the farming and mere a need rather than a profession. But at present farming is not only a need but a profession. Even agriculture is the part of every nation's economy as many food products are exported to other countries.
So keep the society self-sufficient in terms of food, growth and economy the country must have a sustainable agriculture industry. To have sustainable agriculture the country needs, agriculture scientists, farmers, agricultural engineers, animal husbandry scientist who can give quality food through research and keep a vigil on the food, grain, fruit production.
Education Requirement for Agriculture Jobs
There are many kinds of agriculture jobs and almost all the agricultural jobs need proper education from the University or college. There are many subjects that are studied if you are looking for jobs in agriculture. These can be:
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