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Business associate
Business Associate / Franchisee
Join us and make a difference in people's lives (beginning with your own!)
As one of our Business Associate, you have the opportunity for an individual/company who has the desire and the drive to run their own business with strategic planning and strong ideas to build your own business.
The franchisee would operate as a individual branch of the business in the location and make use of the expertise and the brand name of the company.
Who can take the franchisee? 
  1. Should be Graduate, MBA would be an added advantage.
  2. Should possess excellent communication skills.
  3. Has office space or can acquire one.
  4. Willing to invest time & money.
  5. Should be open to learning.
Why take a Locomo India Franchisee? 
  1. You become a part of a established business that has been successful.
  2. You benefit from the collective buying power for assets like Database etc.
  3. You benefit from the large established client base of the company.
  4. Low risk High returns on your capital employed.
  5. Locomo India helping people to improve their lives and that truly has meaning and gives you a reason for waking up excited every morning!
Support given by the company 
Locomo India would give all technical support for organizing and setting up the franchisee operations in the area like infrastructure, layout, staffing, marketing, admin setup etc. The company shall assist the franchisee in recruitment, selection and training of the recruitment consultants. The company shall allow the franchisee to use the name and brand of the Locomo India for publicity and display a sign board in the manner given by the company along with the logo and design as approved by the company.
Locomo India may/would procure databases if required after mutual consultation on the cost sharing basis between the company and the franchisee for the development and improvement of the business.
Recruitment consultant
Locomo India aims at helping professionals to start their own venture without disturbing their existing setup/schedule thus helping them to earn extra
Why become a recruitment consultant? 
  1. Be an entrepreneur/Be your own boss
  2. Flexi Timings and convenience
  3. High extra income-you don’t have to be satisfied with an ordinary corporate job.
  4. Work from home–there are no overtime or travelling involved.
Who can become a Recruitment Consultant? 
  1. Should be a graduate / Being MBA would be an added advantage
  2. Should possess excellent communication skills.
  3. Should have a computer, telephone line and internet connection.
  4. Can work regularly for 3-8hrs a day.
Support given by the company 
Locomo India shall provide all the requisite training to the recruitment consultant at the company premises. Company shall provide the recruitment consultant the database access at a nominal cost on sharing basis if they requires.
Interested? You are just a call away to get started for handsome income.
And you would also joining a business where we improves lives of others, that truly has meaning and gives you a reason for waking up excited every morning!
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