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Canada is the second largest country in the world with 10 million square kilometers of landmass. The country has a population of approximately 30 million people -- only one-tenth the population of the United States. Canada is a country composed of immigrants from all over the world .And its success is largely due to the contributions made by these immigrants.
Each year, Canada welcomes more than 200,000 new immigrants. The diversified backgrounds and cultures are what make Canada unique. No matter where are you from, once you are a landed immigrant you have all the rights of a Canadian citizen.
Your motive to go to Canada:
The most important question is: Why Canada?
Are you looking for a better quality of life, better education for you and your family members, better work environment and peaceful surrounding?
Well, you have made an excellent decision when you thought about Canada as an option to immigrate.
Why Canada? Well, we will answer this question together analyzing some interesting facts about this beautiful country.
Best overall quality of life:
In a 2008 quality-of-life ranking of 215 world cities by Mercer Human Resources Consulting, five Canadian cities ranked among the top 26. Canada has the best overall quality of life among the G7.
What is G7 ?
The G7 is the meeting of the finance ministers from a group of seven industrialized nations. It was formed in 1976, when Canada joined the Group of Six: France, Germany, Italy, Japan, United Kingdom, and United States.
As an economic and political group of the seven largest developed countries, this powerful group of nations does not include any developing nations.
G7 countries:
1.  Canada
2.  France
3.  Germany
4.  Italy
5.  Japan
6.  United Kingdom
7.  United States
A land of equal opportunity:
Canada ranks first among the G7 in providing equal opportunities for individuals.
Safest place to live:
Canada leads the G7 in terms of the safest place to live and conduct business with the most fairly administered judicial system.
Prosperity in Canada:
A fast growing, modern, industrialized nation, Canada offers unlimited potential and opportunity. With the highest standard of living, Canada is one of the richest countries and keeps getting better.
Innovative and Diverse:
In 2008, the IMD ranked Canada first among G7 countries for its ability to attract and retain talented workers to strengthen its workforce. Business-friendly immigration policies enable highly qualified newcomers to contribute their skills and talents to Canada and ensure a consistent supply of new knowledge workers.
Top Quality Education:
Canada ranks 2nd among 17 peer countries in education. Offering free primary and secondary education and subsidized post-secondary studies, Canada spends more on education than any industrial nation. Canadian universities and colleges have an excellent international reputation for high quality.
Health and Welfare:
Canadians have access to social assistance programs, affordable housing, Free Healthcare and a strong government that helps its people.
Safe and Secure:
Community policing, strict gun control laws and a fair justice system make Canada safe and secure for everyone. Crime rates are among the lowest in the world and continue to decline.
Canada encourages immigrants to retain their unique culture. Nowhere else is there such a diversity of cultures existing together in a tolerant, peaceful society.
This is the Best time to apply for Canadian Immigration. As the Canadian Immigration law and regulations are constantly changing,  your expertise in demand today, but they may not be needed tomorrow.
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