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Why choose us?
There are many consulting firms to choose from, and we realize that today's manager has many options. Why we separate ourselves from the competition in every way we can, perhaps our drive is what makes us most different. We are willing to do whatever it takes to make you satisfied. Repeat business and referrals from former client’s accounts for approximately 77% of our yearly transactions.
Our valued clients all receive the same level of service from us, regardless of their size. Producing the best results for you at every stage, we will help you to make the most of your business – you care about it, and so do we, Locomo India is growing steadily with the continuous support of our client and candidates.
The right people make all the difference.
Without top performers, it’s nearly impossible to achieve your goals and deliver results for your company. Locomo India understands your challenges and knows that, in today’s marketplace, locating and securing top talent is as difficult as ever.
So, whether you’re looking for contingent or full-time staff, in one or multiple location, you can count on Locomo India. We have over 7 years of expertise, specialized resources and leading professionals with the insights to help you determine what you need to succeed.
Can You Afford The Cost Of Making The Wrong Hire?
Top Executives Say – No, One Size Doesn’t Fit All
We combine our Time Tested “Search Process” and “Customize the Level of Service” to the Client’s unique challenges, culture, urgency, and most importantly, the performance objectives of the position…. We refer to this as “The best candidate, in the best time frame, for the best price”.
If Recruiting Top Talent Was Easy Everyone Would Do It - Unlike most recruiters who simply supply resumes our Search Consultants talk to hundreds of key players in the industry each week developing personal relationships. They also stay current on industry events, trends, and economic/political decisions... In fact, many top industry executives look to our consultants as one of their key sources for industry information.
Wherever you do business, we are there to help.
As a manager, you know the value of great people. Locomo India understands your challenges and knows that, in today's marketplace, locating and securing top talent is as difficult as ever.
So, whether you're looking for full-time professionals or temporary employees, count on our expert recruiting solutions to help you solve your unique business challenges.
Adding new people to your team doesn’t have to be stressful. Locomo India has a wide range of top candidates — including those hard-to-reach professionals who are not actively searching for a job. And, because we’re committed to finding the right people for your business, the only candidates you’ll meet are those who’ve passed our in-depth screening process.
Low risk. High reward..!!
Partnering with Locomo India also lowers your risk of losing a great candidate to another full-time opportunity. Employees hired on an off-roll basis often continue their search for an on-roll employment, but by using Locomo India’s placement guarantee, you can extend permanent, full-time job offers with the same confidence as an on-roll offer.
No hire? No charge.
We charge a one-time fee based on the candidate’s first year annual salary, but there is no charge if a candidate is not hired or doesn’t work out within the guarantee period.
Transformational consulting and outsourcing solutions that delivers results.
Led by experienced executives with global approach and more than 7 years of experience, Locomo India group of company’s goal is to deliver innovative and customized workforce solutions designed to improve the quality of your talent pool, boost productivity, reduce costs, mitigate risks, increase efficiency, ensure accountability and help you gain control of a complex process.
Locomo India takes the time to listen to your desired business objectives, review and analyze your current and future state, and, along the way, ask you questions to ensure we are benchmarking and focusing on your needs. The outcome is truly a customized solution designed to deliver results! 
Fee structure
Our fee structures are flexible to accommodate the needs of our varied clientele. We are always hungry to add new names in our client list with the focus to provide cost effective flexible recruitment solutions.
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