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Tourism and Travel sector is comparatively a new sector of employment. Today, the government of India has collaborated with various foreign countries, which has tremendously increased the flow of foreign tourists. But, this sector is facing an acute shortage of man power. Hence, the job opportunities in this sector are endless. A job in this sector promises a bright future and quicker promotions depending on your capabilities. The various available job options of Travel and Tourism sector are:
Locomo India is one of the most trusted names in the domain of providing employment in the Travel and Tourism sector. We have a very well maintained database with the job opportunities of all the major Tourism and Travel Companies of the industry. Our team of experts guides you throughout the process of recruitment that makes the process easier and quicker.
The word hospitality covers hotels, restaurants, industrial or organized catering for offices, hospitals, educational institutions, private homes, defense services, railways, cruise ships and flight catering.
Indian hospitality managers have built a reputation and are being hired by Indian and international hotel chains in big numbers, some of are:
International Prospects for Hospitality Managers
There is a high demand of Indian hotel managers and staff in the international industry. This is particularly so in the Middle East, in cities like Dubai. One reason is that the local population of trained manpower is very limited and there are practically no institutions offering professional training, in these countries. They all prefer Indian managers because of their high educational level, quality of education standards followed by Hospitality Management Schools of India and the experience which they gain by working in Indian.
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