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Referral Programme
Why are you referring FREE ? ? ?  While you can earn a lot from your references..!!
It’s pretty simple and straight forward.
If you are in a position to help us find new Employers and new Job Seekers, you will be rewarded handsomely.
To serve our clients better, we are seeking association of people already working in the corporate world, who want to earn more.
Such people can get themselves registered with us and can earn by just giving us the references of the right/deserving candidates for the particular profile. Which they were earlier gives to others for free.
Who can do?
Independent Recruiters
In-House Recruiters
Human Resource Professionals
Anyone looking for handsome income
Who can give references?
Everyone is welcome to get registered and give references
How much do I get paid for?
It will depend on the candidate’s CTC and number of productive references in your account.
When would I get paid?
Payment would be made soon after referred candidate reaches the minimum stability period with the employer.
What would be the mode of payment?
Payment would be made by Cash/Cheque.
Interested ? You are just a call away to get started for handsome income.
And you would also joining a business where we improves lives of others, that truly has meaning and gives you a reason for waking up excited every morning!
Call now..!!
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