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Sales & Marketing
Sales & Marketing brings direct revenue to the company, thus, it plays a significant role. Every company, whether big or small has sales & marketing department for nourishing the roots of the business. The sales & marketing sector consists of various departments and positions for which the requirement of right candidate always remains high. Companies generally look for professionals ready to work as:
The sole purpose of a sales or marketing executive is to bring new clients to the companies for enhancing their sales. Certain traits like excellent communication skills, convincing skills, keen knowledge about the market, etc. are required for being a successful marketing professional. If you have dynamic personality and knack of working hard, then sales & marketing is a lucrative career opportunity that will also yield maximum financial returns.
LOCOMO INDIA is an organization that offers reliable manpower consultancy to the recruiters and job seekers depending on their requisites. We select talented marketing professionals from our database and screen on the basis of their qualification and aptitude. Personal interview and selection is done by the recruiting company at their end, once we forward the profile of the candidate to them.
India is a flourishing economy going through a phase of financial growth. This growth has in turn tremendously increased the buying capacity of people. Their shopping list has also become long. All these factors have led to the growth in the Retail sector of India. This retail sector has innumerable shops selling a wide range of products to choose from. With the growth in the retail sector, the job opportunities have also increased tremendously to meet the ever growing man power demand. Locomo India offers jobs of various levels in Retail sector. The available job options are:

Our database and the process of recruitment are managed by our team of experts which makes the process of recruitment easy and convenient. Our team of experts gives you various tips about facing the interview which ensures your selection for the best suited job.

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